William Anthony Rose

Baruch College Political Science | william.rose@baruchmail.cuny.edu | 925-872-7797


Hi, I am a 21 year old college student, currently living in New York City attending Baruch College. I am majoring in Political Science and Philosophy, and my minor is Law and Policy. I am currently interning for the Romanian American Business Council (rabcus.org) which campaigns for improving United-States–Romanian relations. I am also currently writing an honors thesis which is observing the effects of public opinion on Gun Control policy in several American states.


Some more info about me

I was born in Pleasanton, California. Growing up, I played lots of sports but I loved swimming above all else. Nowadays, I love running, hiking, fishing and the outdoors in general. Recently, I've been learning how to play golf. I have studied Spanish for five years and Portuguese for the past three. I have always been a political junkie and I follow the news religiously. I love writing and I also love history (especially that of the early United States).